Starting my Home Kubernetes Build

posted on 16 Mar 2023 in Programming

I’ve started my home lab kubernetes build. I’ve got 8 older HP machines that I’m working to install linux and kubernetes on. I got tired of not having enough kubernetes experience so I decided to get it by doing this fun project.

LinkedIn Content on Data Projects Failing

posted on 15 Mar 2023 in LinkedIn

Here I go again, turning one idea into multiple pieces of content following Justin Welsh’s concept. I like typing these out long form here first and then cutting it up into individual LinkedIn and Twitter posts.

Five Ways Data Projects Fail

posted on 15 Mar 2023 in Data

From my time in and around Analytics, Data, and AI I’ve seen more projects fail than I care to count. hell, I’ve lead or been a part of too many projects that have failed. Here are a few high level observations how and when projects fail.

Seven Pieces of LinkedIn Content from one Idea

posted on 14 Mar 2023 in LinkedIn

If you’re on LinkedIn, there’s a good chance you’ve ran across one of Justin Welsh’s posts. I’ve been a follower and subscriber of his for some time now. I have always liked his idea of being able to generate multiple posts from a single Idea.

Multiple Monitoring Clusters with Cross Cluster Search

posted on 16 Nov 2022 in Elastic

Full disclosure, this is actually were my Terraform journey began. I had a customer who was going to need to create monitoring clusters in many regions across multiple providers. I wanted a single Terraform script that could create all of the monitoring clusters, as well as a CCS (Cross Cluster Search) cluster to bring all of the monitoring data together.

Reverse Proxy with Tinyproxy

posted on 14 Nov 2022 in Data

It all started with a weather station, specifically I have the WS2000 from Ambient Weather. Well a recent update of the firmware on the base station allows for a push of weather data to a custom endpoint, but only to a local endpoint. So how then do I get it to a cloud hosted NodeRed?

Elastic Monitoring Cluster with Terraform

posted on 13 Nov 2022 in Elastic

This is a follow on post to [[First Elastic Cluster with Terraform]], it’s best practice to monitor your Elasticsearch clusters with a dedicated monitoring cluster. I’m going to take the example we started with in my first Terraform post and add a monitoring cluster to it.

First Elastic Cluster with Terraform

posted on 12 Nov 2022 in Elastic

For my day job with Elastic, I have had several customers deploying their clusters with Terraform. I have no experience using Terraform and so I thought it would be worth some investigation.