Starting my Home Kubernetes Build

posted on 16 Mar 2023 in

I’ve started my home lab kubernetes build. I’ve got 8 older HP machines that I’m working to install linux and kubernetes on. I got tired of not having enough kubernetes experience so I decided to get it by doing this fun project.

I have a few customers for my work at Elastic running it on kubernetes. I’ve used k8s before, but never outside of a hosted solution. I wanted to go a little deeper on everything and have some place to play, so I am creating a k8s home lab.

I purchased 8 HP 600 G2’s off of Amazon as well as an 8 port switch and power strip. Over the course of the next little while I’ll be installing linux on all of the PCs, installing Docker, and kubeadm to get started. Here are a few pictures of the setup as I was working on some of these starter tasks. Yes, I am doing at least the inital setup on my kitchen counter 😅